Scout and Cellar Wine Consultant

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You know me best for covering the San Francisco Giants and while I LOVE my day job, there are many layers to me and many other things I do.
In 2020, sports as we know it came to a halt. I was forced to contemplate my other interests and an opportunity to become a wine consultant with Scout and Cellar was presented.  Scout and Cellar is a clean-crafted wine with no added sugars, no pesticides, no preservatives and very low in sulfites. For anyone that loves wine, but doesn’t love the aftermath of drinking wine – these are game changers. Clean-crafted falls into my wheelhouse of living a healthy lifestyle and a bonus is knowing each bottle is supporting small biodynamic farmers and vineyards. Once I knew I believed in the product it was a no-brainer to sell it.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!! Link to purchase is here: Buy Now and if you’re interested in becoming a consultant on my team, just email my Business Manager (Robert U’Ren) here: [email protected]