The number one question, Gutierrez, a long-time SF Giants host and reporter and Celeste Gehring, a sports event operations producer for 20-plus years get asked by BOTH genders is “how’d you get your job?”.  Friends since 2001, when they worked together as only two of a handful of women at Fox Sports Net, they’ve served as mentors to many aspiring sports journalists and reporters throughout their careers. They also both currently teach at the University level and knew a podcast could reach the masses helping answer that exact question.

In May of 2023, “Girl, How’d You Get That Gig?!” was created to showcase strong female leaders in sports who are willing to share their stories and paths in landing a sports gig. The discussions are an invaluable resource that not only could help close the gender gap in pay, but also reduce the stigma regarding a woman’s ability to hold a position of power in the male dominated world of sports.

If you see it, you can be it. Women supporting women is and has been a priority for Amy and Celeste throughout their careers and while the podcast embraces female empowerment it’s applicable to anyone looking to break into the industry. The advice and tools provided by the incredibly accomplished guests are universal and inclusive. Take a look, listen and subscribe here https://www.youtube.com/@girlgigpodcast – it’s FREE!