Community Advocate/Brand Ambassador

I grew up with a family that gave back. From coaching, to school volunteers, to board members for city projects, helping the community we lived in was just part of the agenda. Having two children of my own it’s been a pleasure to coach them, aide in their classrooms, and work in their school garden. But one of the best parts of my career, covering the San Francisco Giants since 2008, is the larger platform it has given me to help those beyond my inner circle. I’m proud to have aligned myself with several organizations that give back, like the Petaluma Educational Foundation, the Jr. Giants, the Giants Community Fund, Marin Ventures, Spirit of Marin, First 5 CA, the McCovey Glove Drive, to name a few. Now through Social Media, “influencer” opportunities are available.  I’m excited to have the  chance to endorse products, brands and businesses I believe in and think would be a good fit for my audience. It’s something I’m trying to get used to, this “influencer” thing. But it’s the way the world of social media is starting to swing and if I can be a liaison for you regarding something I like, I find informational/helpful or I feel is a worthy cause – then let’s do it!

  • Support Small Business
  • Community 
  • Fundraising
  • Associations
  • Tourism
  • Social Media
  • Commercials